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Entry # 32 Year Two Appointment After Thyroid Cancer Treatment
My Story - Life After Cancer
Thursday, 15 September 2011 00:00

Here we are for year two testing after thyroid cancer treatment.  I was sort of dreading this year's testing because last year's testing was such a hassle.  I have been told by many doctors that papillary thyroid cancer is very curable but it is a hassle doing the yearly testing.  I agree. 


Entry # 33 Low Iodine Diet Grocery List
My Story - Life After Cancer
Sunday, 20 January 2013 12:28

I am introducing the newly developed Low Iodine Diet Grocery List!


This grocery list is intended to be supplementary information for one's low iodine diet prior to radioactive iodine therapy and/or thyroid testing.   This list contains products that are low in iodine according to the National Institutes of Health. 

Entry # 34 Year Three Appointment After Thyroid Cancer Treatment
My Story - Life After Cancer
Tuesday, 22 January 2013 00:00

My 3 year checkup is here.  My multifocal papillary thyroid cancer was treated surgically and with radioactive iodine-131 in 2009.  I always get a little anxious after the lab work returns.  Actually, I think my wife gets more anxious then I do.  I guess she wants to keep me around for awhile :) 


I am currently taking 137 mcg of Synthroid daily.  My energy levels are good.  My weight has not changed since the initial surgery in 2009. I have no symptoms of either hyper or hypothyroidism.   So overall, I am doing well.


Here is most current lab work results:


TSH   0.02 uIU/ml      (normal 0.2-3.3)  
FT 4      1.42 ng/dL       (normal 0.7-1.3)
Thyroglobulin (Tg)        0.3  ng/mL


The endocrinologist was very kind and supportive.  She was a fellow in her last year of fellowship training.   The first thing she said to me was:







This was reassuring.  She found no reason to be worried of recurrences at this point.  The endocrinologist was very please with such a low thyroglobulin (Tg) level.  She stated that with a thyroglobulin (Tg) level that low there is little chance of any recurrence.   This was music to my ears.


She also stated I will not have to do a full body scan or stimulated thyroglobulin test for a few years.    She recommended that I can be monitored yearly with a regular thyroglobulin test.   That's a simple blood test that can be done anywhere.


Secondly, she said I need to decrease my Synthroid levels.  The endocrinologist was concerned that I was too hyper.  So my new dose has been decrease to 125 mcg daily.  So lets see where this dose takes me.  I will have to get my TSH and FT4 retest in a few months.



Life is good!





Download Low Iodine Grocery List 2013



Friday, 22 February 2013 00:00

stay strong beat thyroid cancer


Life is fragile, precious, and full of unexpected events.   What if today was your last day?


(Turn your volume up and hear the tunes)

dog on lap


I am a thyroid cancer survivor.


Welcome!  I’m a 32 year old male living in United States diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in Jan 2009.  This blog is my story. Having thyroid cancer has been very scary and challenging in many aspects.  I have gone through many ups and downs with my treatments and doctor experiences.  I have had some very positive experiences, but unfortunately the start was very rough.


Overall, I am doing excellent and I’m now living a normal happy life.  I hope you can learn from my experiences.  Please take a moment and read through my blog and recommend it to anyone you feel could benefit from my story.  O, this is my dog, Summer.  She provided entertainment and comfort through this whole process.  You’ll see some more pictures of her throughout my blog.  I want to thank my wife and family for their tremendous support through this. 


I have arranged my story into chapters.  I would recommend starting at the beginning in chapter 1.  It will take you about 5-10 minutes to read all my entries from the beginning to the end.  Enjoy.



starthere chapter 1 image
chapter 2 image
chapter 3 image
chapter 4 image



It took me courage, strength, support, and faith to get to where I am today.   Please take a few moments and read through my story. I have also provided many articles with a plethora of information.   If you enjoyed my blog please “like” my page on Facebook.  Thanks for your support!


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Help support the fight against THYROID CANCER! 




Papillary Thyroid Cancer Survivor Rate Calculator

Use this calculator to determine your 20 year survival rate base off your individual cancer circumstances. This calculator was design for papillary thyroid cancer. This data comes from a study of 2284 patients with papillary carcinoma from 1940-1997.

Your Age at diagnosis:
Did the cancer spread to other parts of the body (Metastasize)? Yes No
Was the cancer ONLY partially removed? Yes No
Did the cancer spread throughout the thyroid gland (local invasion)? Yes No
Size of cancer tumor (in centimeters):
Your MACIS total score:
20 year survival rate:

 Developed by linkapps.com

Explanation of Calculator 





I am also writing and posting informational articles relating to thyroid cancer.  Here are my most popular articles:


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more to come….




This website also provides a wealth of general information about thyroid cancer. Below are some of the most common questions that you, a friend, or a loved one may have about thyroid cancer.  I know I had a lot of question when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer so hopefully this info will help you.  


thyroid nodule ultrasound label

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  A detailed review of thyroid nodules


  What is thyroid cancer?

  Get to know the basics


  What are the different types of thyroid cancer?

  A review of papillary, follicular, medullary and 

  anaplastic thyroid cancer




 What is Papillary thyroid cancer?thyroid statistics

  This is the most common type of thyroid cancer


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  The is the second most common type

  of thyroid cancer


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  What is a thyroid ultrasound?

  Noninvasive thyroid scan that is easy to do


  What is a fine needle aspiration biopsy?

  Also called a FNA. OOCH!  But it is worth it





  What is the treatment for thyroid cancer?thyroid neck scar

  Yes! There are very good treatments available

  You can be cured from most thyroid cancers.


  What is a classic thyroid surgery, thyroidectomy?

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  What is the low iodine diet?

radiation symbol

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  Die cancer... die!


  What is a Whole Body Scan?

  The day everyone anticipates... please a clean scan


  What is thyroid medication?

   You'll most likely be taking this soon






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